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Hi, I'm Cheryl

A wife, mother of three, and retired attorney from Marlboro, New Jersey, who's been writing since childhood. 

Now, I’m combining my poetry with my mother’s artwork to bring forth a collection that raises awareness about dementia and pulls at your heartstrings in my debut book, Remember Me: An Alzheimer’s Journey Through Art and Poetry.

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"The strength defused and gone
I’ve been so strong
No tears, no pain
Fight just fight"


Cheryl Kempner's Latest Release

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Remember Me is a must-read collection of poetry and artwork portraying the declining effects of Alzheimer's disease on patients and its impact on caregivers. It is an artistic tool of awareness, reminding us that while those with Alzheimer's may not remember us, it is essential we remember for them.

"The way Cheryl portrays her mother's declining journey with Alzheimer's while poetically expressing her innermost thoughts as a caregiver completely dismantled everything I thought I knew about dementia and the way it impacts patients and the ones who love them. All I can say is, 'WOW!'"

Christine Weimer

award-winning author


"Her beautiful but sometimes heartbreaking poetry and her mother’s art, a metaphor for a once vibrant life, allows us to peek inside Cheryl’s relationship with her mother and Alzheimer’s: a relationship filled with anger, frustration, hope, laughter, disappointment, joy and optimism."

Harley D.

barnes & noble reader

"I didn't expect to be so moved by Cheryl's collection, but the sentiment behind her words paired with the shock of visually seeing the way dementia impacted her mother really made me stop and think about how severe Alzheimer's is and how much more voices like Cheryl there needs to be."

Lindsay Tisi

book publisher

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