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 "As an artist myself, I’m a visual person & I love to find meaning in someone’s words &/or artwork so this was perfect for me. The poems tell a beautiful story of what once was & what is unfolding now. The poet takes us on a journey through every emotion & I found this comforting & relatable."

Bonnie Derkack

amazon reader

"On the surface, the poems, and pictures connect one story alone. However, upon truly reading the text and experiencing the development, and regression, of the art, this reader believes that anyone who has witnessed a loved one suffering from a debilitating disease of any kind should pick up this book."

Justin Hirsch

goodreads review

"A must-have companion book for anyone losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s. The author’s heartfelt poetry paired up with her mother's artwork showing her regression is beautifully tragic and honest."

Rosa Principe

amazon reader

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